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Manure Handling Equipment

From Barn To Field

In The Barn ...

Husky manufactures a wide range of pumps and agitation systems - from electric drive to PTO powered and ranging in size from 3" to 10". There's a Husky pump to match every situation

Electric Pumps

Raceway Agitators

K31 & H5000

In The Pit ...

Husky has a broad range of pumping and agitation equipment for all manure storage facilities including concrete pits, earthen lagoons and other types of reservoirs.

Pit Pumps


Lagoon Pumps

On The Road ...

With our high speed trailers, truck mounted tanks and swing booms, Husky is able to provide you with real value by assisting you in moving manure in the most cost effective way. 

Truck Mounted Tanks

Slimline Spreaders

Swing Booms

In The Field ...

Husky's application equipment can accommodate high efficiency or precision application depending on your needs. Tanks range in size from 5800L to 36000L and can be equipped with a variety of splash pans, injectors and dribble bars to ensure you get the most value from your fertilizer by applying it exactly where it's needed.


Drag Line Systems


Have a specific project requiring a custom solution?

We build to suit. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, be sure to get in touch.

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