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Husky offers a complete laser cutting service. Any job size from one piece to thousands. Full 3D drafting of parts and assemblies in house allow us to make the parts right the first time. With two 5'x10' lasers each boasting shuttle tables we are able to have an extremely fast turn around on parts. Being able to cut up to 1" mild steel, 3/8" clean-cut stainless steel and 3/8" aluminum, we can complete a wide variety of jobs. A brake press and machine shop compliments our laser services for one-stop part manufacturing.

We owned one of the first lasers in Wellington County in late 1989 and by early 1990 we had our first laser custom job. In January of 2012 we purchased a Mitsubishi EX to add to our family of lasers. Today over 60% of our laser work is custom and almost all of Husky's parts are laser cut to allow a faster manufacturing process, more accurate parts and extra versatility. With everything integrated and in-house we can turn around parts almost by the minute.

Laser Cutting

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Laser Cutting
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